Buying and selling CR8

Currently, all buys and sells are handled via the coinpayments API. Unfortunately, coinpayments is waiting for 30 ledgers to “confirm” a payment. In order to combat this and keep the chain moving during slow times, we will perform a transaction every 3 seconds. 

Purchases via the CR8 wallet can take up to 20 minutes. Coinpayments will send you an email when they confirm the receipt of any payment made. Please make sure you always send the exact amount stated in the app. Sells via the CR8 Wallet are usually way faster. 

There is a 5% processing fee on purchases via the CR8 Wallet while there is no fee for sales via the CR8 Wallet.


The following daily limits apply. The level increases after 7 days if no issues or chargebacks occurred (Amounts are in USD).

Level Period Daily max purchase Daily Max sell
Level 1 7 Days 500 500
Level 2 7 Days 1000 1000
Level 3 7 Days 2000 2000
Level 4 7 Days 4000 4000
Level 5 Top Tier 8000 8000


If you would like to discuss increasing these limits, please send an email to [email protected]

After completing a purchase in the app you are eligible to sell the same amount of CR8 back to Opibis within 7 days. You will only be able to receive the same currency you used for the purchase.