Welcome to CR8 Wallet

This guide will give you a quick overview of the CR8 Wallet.

After the on-boarding process which sets up your account and wallet, you will be presented with the Home screen. The Home screen shows your current CR8 balance and a list of partnered Operators.


If you click on a casino, you will be given a short description of their operations and what they are offering. If you scroll to the bottom you will see two buttons that allow you to visit the site or to sign up with them.

If you decide to sign up, just follow the process. If you encounter any issues please check this link (link) to see if there are any notes relating to the signup.


Send” allows you to facilitate transactions. You can either type in an address manually, or paste one from your clipboard after tapping the field. You can also tap the expand button and then select an address from your address book or scan a QR code.

The next field shows your current balance and how many transactions you have left. Please click here to know how you can buy more transactions

The Amount field allows you to manually type in the number of coins you wish to send or, alternatively, you can send all you have by tapping the “All” button.

In the “Destination Tag” field you can put in the Destination Tag if the receiving party requires one. This will apply to most services like exchanges and operators. Personal wallets do not require one.

The Description field allows you to attach a message. Please be aware that descriptions can be read by the public and are stored on-chain.

If all entries are correct, the grey “Send CR8” button becomes available and you can tap to send - this will complete the transaction.


This screen shows your CR8 account ID in written form as well as in QR code format. If you tap the account or the QR code, the account ID will be copied into your clipboard as text allowing you to paste it.

You can customize the QR code by setting a label, a destination tag and predefine an amount. Once customized, press the button “Update QR Code”.

The QR code can then be scanned in order to add an account to an address book or for sending out a transaction.

If you click “Share Account” you will get the option to share your account ID to a number of other applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and many others.


This page shows an historical overview of incoming and outgoing transactions.


You can buy and sell CR8 here. Before you can do so, you need to pass KYC (Know Your Customer).

Once you click on the icon, you will need to authorize this action by typing in your PIN. It will take a few seconds until the KYC process starts.

You will need to accept the Terms & Conditions.

You can either take a picture of your Identification Document or upload one. If the document is two-sided you will be asked to take a picture or upload the backside as well.

You will be presented with the data which was extracted from your submission; please verify that everything is correct according to your Identification Document and edit or add where necessary.

You will be asked to take a selfie and upload it. This can be done by either taking a picture or uploading a file.

To help speed up the KYC approval process, please make sure you are not wearing glasses or a hat; make sure that the picture is clear and use the ‘orientation’ button to send it in a passport accepted view. If the selfie is not accepted because of quality issues, try switching from portrait to landscape or vice versa, and take it in front of a single-colored background, such as a wall or door.

In the next step, you will be asked to upload a recently issued utility bill; this can be done by taking a picture or uploading a file.

Once all the required documents are prepared you will need to submit them. The buy/sell page will now give the message: “Your KYC is pending. Please wait until it is approved.” The KYC process will take around 5-10 minutes on average. In rare cases, it can take longer than that. You will receive a notification in the wallet once it has been completed and the buy/sell page will then be open.

How to buy CR8

Open the CR8 Buy/Sell page and you will see the Payments window.

Click on “New payment” to start the purchasing process. Use the first slider to flip from the choice of buying or selling CR8.

The next slider gives you the option to specify the desired amount in the transaction.

The next field allows you to input the amount. Directly below, you can choose what crypto currency to use for the purchase.

Using the dropdown, choose from Bitcoin, CasinoCoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or XRP.

Your selection is then summarised for verification. Example: “I want to buy 5000 CR8 and pay with BTC”. If everything is correct and you would like to proceed, tap on ‘Get Quote’, if you don’t wish to proceed tap on ‘Payments’ or any other Main Menu Item.

When you choose ‘Get Quote’ the system will provide you with another overview of the planned purchase. It will state how much you will have to pay, how much you will receive and what the rate is. If you want to proceed, tap ‘Start Payment’ otherwise tap on ‘Cancel Quote

Once you press ‘Start Payment’ it will take a few seconds for you to get the payment information. It will tell you the amount and currency you need to send along with the deposit address (and destination tag if needed). It will also tell you how long the quote is valid before the system will no longer accept the payment.

You need to send the exact amount shown in a reasonable timeframe allowing for the network to detect the transactions. Please be aware of send fees so make sure you factor this in when sending the final amount.

Once the system detects your payment and the minimum requirements are met, the instructions page will close. The CR8 will be sent shortly after that.

How to sell CR8

You will only be able to sell CR8 via the app if you have made a purchase in the last 7 days - and you will only be able to sell up to the amount you previously purchased. Example: If you purchased 1000 CR8 in the last 7 days, you will be able to sell 1000 CR8 back.

Head over to the Buy/Sell page.

The selling of CR8 for another crypto currency is the same process as buying but you simply have the slider on to sell CR8.